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Happy Monday! It was so nice to enjoy NYC in all it’s spleandor yetserday when the sun finally decided to grace us with it’s presence. The trees and bulbs are in full bloom and the day could not have been more perfect. You are all probably well-aware of my new obsession with Instagram so check out some of my weekend picks at the bottom of this post.

Lots of fun, new things coming your way on MercierBeaucoup. Namely, AP and I have decided to start a new East Village restaurant review feature! This not only helps us try new places, but will hopefully be a useful guide for those looking to learn about new spots in the neighborhood. One of the best things about living in the East Village is the selection of great restaurants – all price ranges and types of cuisines. These small restaurants woven together create a culinary East Village quilt, if you will,  so our agenda is twofold –

1.) We are food-a-holics and  love eating and trying new restaurants of all kinds and this gives us a great reason to do so (as if we needed one) and report back about specials, deals, and meals. 

2.) We believe in supporting the small businesses that create the flavor and character of the neighborhood. There are so many talented entrepreneurs and chefs in the neighborhood creating delicious meals with quality ingredients. We support them and hope you will too – the good businesses most certainly deserve to rise to the top!

Stay tuned for our first post on an amazing Middle Eastern dinner we had last night at Moustache, located on our very own block. It’s gonna become a regular thing…….

Weekend photos using Instagram for the iPhone

Tomkins Square Park is pretty sax-y

Grammercy Park – peeking through the gates

ThirsTea on East 10th Street

Walking to work via Stuyvesant Street


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