My Furry Cubana

Guess who is finally coming to town?! That’s right – my four-year-old Havanese, Frida! I FINALLY found her a dogwalker (thank you, New York Magazine) and am thrilled for Frida to make her NYC debut early May. Look out, Tompkins Square Dog Park – Frida is one saucy Cubana!

Frida giving her famous Hi Five (Babe City Babes, style)!

Her Halloween costume from a few years back that my friend Amy and I made – Cuban cigar, naturally….

Playing it cool in my sister’s shades – what a babe!


3 thoughts on “My Furry Cubana

  1. Adorable! Haha, love the glasses on him! My Mum and I were walking in California and came across a lady and her husband and their small dogs had glasses on – they sell “dog” glasses, they have little wraparounds so that they can stay on and everything! So hilarious!

  2. She is do photogenic! LOVE the first pic, she looks like a cartoon dog she’s so cute! That’s awesome you get to have her back now!!!

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