Mr. Boddington’s Nephew for Paperless Post

Everyone knows how much I love stationery – it’s no secret. I tend to think of myself as a tech-savvy lady, but somehow being an early adopter of electronic stationery via Paperless Post philosophically did not resonate with me.  And apparently not with one of my favorite design shops, Mr. Boddington’s Studio, intially either. Until now………………..

Hook, line, and sinker – I’m officially yours, Paperless Post.  Introducting Mr. Boddington’s Newphew at Paperless Post. I’ve already sent three cards today – obsessed with the customizable fonts, colors, and envelope liners. Just as adorable as their card and invitation collections, but at the tip of your fingers. Check out some of my favorites below.

via Mr. Boddington’s Facebook Page:

It took some convincing and several cocktails, but my uncle has finally released the reins! Well, not entirely…simply on my newest digital venture. A little treat for the technically savvy.


One thought on “Mr. Boddington’s Nephew for Paperless Post

  1. These are lovely! You’ve probably heard, dear old Bob Slate Stationer is no longer with us in Boston. Sad! I got some nice pens and paper for a steal, though.

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