Wanted: The Perfect Pair of Side Tables

The sun is finally shining on this fine NYC morning – and thank god, because I was about to pack my bags and move to California after the torrential downpour that took place yesterday and last night. I think (knocking on wood) that spring might finally be here.

Speaking of wood, some of you may know that my step-dad is quite the handyman. He is a surgeon turned fine wood worker (we joke these are similar professions), and AP and I are the lucky recipients of his crafty masterpieces.

**If you’ve been to our apartment, you may have seen the amazing sideboard that my parents found for $100 at the Brimfield antique fair and refinished for me a few years back.**

For the holidays, his gift was a piece of furniture of our choice.  Dream big, he said.  So naturally, we did and some of the “big dreams” I had for a ten drawer dresser or armoire were quickly shot down by my mom when she realized this would put her projects much further down in the que.

After some discussions with J (step-dad) and negotiations with my mom (this is a very delicate process), we decided side tables for our bedroom would be the perfect gift and a relatively quick project. I personally prefer antique-style furniture, but opened up the search to all styles for inspiration. Below are some top picks in all price-ranges. I’m thinking cherry or bird’s eye maple for our tables. Something rustic, but classy with enough surface area for lamps, and possibly a raw marble top.

Mediterranean-style sideboard from Brimfield – purchased for $100 and refinished

Just for fun – Parsons side table from West Elm – $349

Bamboo side table from the Gatz Home & Garden – $445

Calvin nightstand from Room and Board – $479

The gold standard – antique Chippendale side table via Fine Woodworking

Birdseye maple side table at Hawk Ridge Furniture – $1,175

Mission-style cherry wood side table at Hawk Ridge Furniture – $1,150

Genova side table at Anthropologie – $298

Jacks Tray side table at West Elm – $129

Clairemont Side Table at Crate and Barrel – $449

Driftwood side table at Crate and Barrel – $399

Finally, check out this DIY side table project using a Rast Ikea dresser and turning into the perfect side table in the color and with the hardware of your choice via Armelle Blog. Awesome.


And after!


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