Maps by Lena Corwin

I am way too good at vacations. I honestly think it could be a bit of a problem, because the whole resume-normal-life thing definitely feels a bit like pushing a shopping cart over loose gravel to me.

Perhaps it’s the withdrawal from queso, tinto, and delicious Iberico jamon…. or it could just be that Americans live in a downright insane fashion – binging on life’s pleasures one week or night at a time rather than taking the time to breathe, have a glass of wine, and catch up with friends over lunch every day. I consider myself to be fairly well-traveled at this point in my life, having spent significant time in other countries, and coming back NEVER gets easier.

That little rant aside, I am so happy I live in New York. What a glorious city to return to and with such a fantastic home, boyfriend and friends. All things considered, life is bueno. And my oh my, how I missed reading others’ blogs and writing my own. It was great to unplug for a bit, but I truly missed reading and writing about all the creative ideas out there in the universe.

Speaking of, I just came across this great new collection of illustrated maps from artist, Lena Corwin. She has been drawing maps for the past seven years, and finally compiled them into a published book which became available earlier this month.

This might be the perfect antidote to my post-vacation blues.

Ft. Greene by Lena Corwin

Melbourne by Lena Corwin

Stockholm by Lena Corwin


One thought on “Maps by Lena Corwin

  1. Rachel, you could not have said it better. Push a grocery cart (uphill) on loose gravel or take some time every day to pause, breathe (and let that red wine breathe while you’re at it), and smell the flowers? The choice is easy. Like you, I’m a firm believer that life should not be so black and white — there is room every day for a bit of a vacation. This is in part why Brian and I decided to quit our jobs in Chicago and up and move to Kathmandu.

    Anyway, we adore your blog, and we sent some blog love your way today. Check it out here:

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