Babe City Babes Blog

Has everyone seen this?! Brita introduced me to this NYC (really, Williamsburg)-centric blog written by two ladies just snapping photos and writing hilarious captions about their NYC hottie spottings. Check out today’s post here and copied below. **Reader BEWARE that you will probably get sucked in and end up reading this blog for an hour.

From BabeCityBabes

“Something about this babe’s hat just doesn’t quite match what’s going on underneath it. It looks like he found it discarded after a yachting fundraiser pertaining to a university in Boston.

It’s like when you give a pile of your old clothing away to Goodwill and spot a homeless person wearing the t-shirt you got at that 5K you ran on Thanksgiving when you were 12.

Some banker/former crew team athlete is going to read this entry and experience that exact same feeling about this hairy babe waltzing about town in his old baseball cap.”


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