Coolhaus Coming to NYC!

The Frank Gehry ice cream sandwich

I read about this little ice cream sandwich start-up a year or so ago in an article in the New York Times. The article was talking about how architects and real estate professionals have creatively repositioned themselves with the building and design economy at an all-time low. At first I got a giggle by the clever name Coolhaus (play on architect Rem Koolhaas), but then as I delved deeper I got totally hooked on their inspiring story and amazing-sounding yummies.

When 26-year-old Natasha Case and her 27-year-old friend Freya Esteller both lost their jobs, they decided to take Case’s gourmet ice cream sanwiches on the road. They bought a 20-year-old postal van on Craigstlist for $10,000, decked it out, and rolled up at Coachella two years ago to see what would take. Now they not only have trucks and a storefront in LA, they have expanded trucks to Austin and now NYC.  Their truck will be gracing the NYC foodtruck scene come April 15 and I can’t wait. Naturally, their flavors and combinations are all inspired by their favorite architects.  I’ve listed out some of the combinations below:

Ginger cookie + Meyer Lemon Peel ice cream = Richard Meier

Snickerdoodle cooke + Strawberry ice cream = Frank Gehry

Chocolate Chip cookie + Vanilla ice cream = Mies van der Rohe


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