Milk, Butter, and Sugar Ceramics

Growing up, my mom always had an eye for clever containers. For example, the vase that looks like a gardening glove, the pencil holder that looks like a brown paper bag, the maple syrup pitcher that looks like a drooling cow, the glass udder creamer, and the alligator medicine spoon. So naturally, when I spotted these adorable vessels, I immediately thought of her and how much she would love them.

Milk, Butter, and Sugar ceramics at Not on the High Street

My mom also can’t stand the taste of water. I know I know, so weird. I still don’t exactly know what that is supposed to mean, but she does everything in her power to drink enough water without actually drinking regular water. Sparkling water, tonic water – you name it she does it. I couldn’t resist posting this little ditty from the same adorable English shop.

Print from Not on the High Street


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