Fonda Nolita… YUM!

Yesterday AP and I ventured down to Nolita to try Fonda Nolita’s breakfast tacos after reading about them in New York Magazine. They totally lived up to the hype and my own Mexcellent standards, and we will be going there on the regular. There are three different breakfast taco options – we tried all of them and LOVED the chorizo and Mexicana tacos best. A splash of their habanero hot sauce and this is the perfect weekend breakfast food. AP actually voted this his favorite Mexican joint in the city to-date which is a pretttty bold move. I want to try their regular tacos and tamales for a true comparison, but hands down these breakfast tacos are awesome.

We also dug the restaurant space itself – felt kind of like southern California meets Brooklyn in that Habana Outpost-y way. There’s even an old VW van turned food truck for the regular taco orders (Dharma Initiative?). Sadly my camera was out of battery power so I snapped some pics with my iPhone (need to upgrade to the 4G immediately) to share. Check it.


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