March Etsy Selections

It is beyond gorgeous outside this fine Saturday morning, and I am doing everything in my power to resist wrestling AP out of bed so that we can take a stroll around the hood and enjoy the sunny spring temps! Poor guy didn’t know what he signed up for – me being the most annoyingly perky morning person of all time and such…….

Anywho, I’m feeling a bit random today so below is a selection of some of my Etsy favorites from this week – no particular theme, just things I love. I’m also contemplating making some blueberry muffins after reading my sister’s latest blog post on experimenting with the out-of-this-universe recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Check it out here.

Assorted macaroons by sparkleskitchen

Vintage iced tea glasses by winkinpossum

Vintage Pyrex by junkytownvintage

Mussels watercolor print by studiotuesday

White linen pillow cover by sukanart

“In the Light” print by groundwork

Teal fringe moccasins by darlingtonia

Domino Sugar nesting canisters by BingoBox

Colorful masking tape by WonderlandRoom

Original photograph by alicebgardens

“All the Single Ladies” print by unitedthread

Five piece print set by leahduncan


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