Feeling Gilt-y

One of my New Years’ resolutions has been to put down my trigger happy finger and make fewer purchases on online sample sites like Gilt. After spending $300 on a Hanii-Y dress that didn’t fit last year and was un-returnable, I decided it was time to give it a rest for a bit and think more strategically about purchases. So far so good! I passed up that gorgeous, silk Chris Benz top a few weeks back and was able to resist the most dazzling collection of jewelry by Tom Binns yesterday. Ok, well that’s actually a lie – all my favorites were sold out or taken by the time I had a peek so I didn’t even have a chance (damn work is always getting between me and my mid-day sales). I had no idea Tom Binns even existed until yesterday, but now that I’ve found him I may need to take a visit to his shop in the West Village.  Take a look at his gorgeous pieces – some still available on Gilt!


One thought on “Feeling Gilt-y

  1. WOW! Love!! I gave up Gilt a while ago for the same reason, wanted to save money and a sheisty return policy. I recommend Swirl.com – you can return for credit and they have fun, off beat designers on there along with more mainstream stuff.

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