Seasonal Purgatory

I’m not gonna lie – I’m definitely having a case of the Mondays today. The last few weeks I’ve been super tired and unmotivated to go to yoga or workout after work (things that I usually look forward to), and I think it’s all this dreary, seasonal purgatory business. Like, come on spring!! Get here already! I am in serious need for some natural Vitamin D (although loving the supplements), ready to not wear tights, boots, and wool, and craving color in my cheeks to get rid of this sickly pale look I’m rocking. Thank GOD AP and I are going to southern Spain in three weeks otherwise I might have a full blown meltown (more on our vacation plans to come).

As you can imagine, this image I came across from Hacienda Benazuza while looking for hotels in Seville has been calling my name and keeping my spirits up …..


One thought on “Seasonal Purgatory

  1. !Ay, que lindo! Si vas al sur de Espana, tienes que visitar a Granada – es una ciudad bonitisima y llena de cultura y historia! Hay un restaurante en una plaza en la cima de una colina que sirve paella perfecta y tiene una vista de La Alhambra! Y si necesitas un traductor… pienso que puedo recomendar una rubia alta!

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