Avocado and Meyer Lemon

Happy Friday, everyone! I woke up full of warm fuzzies this morning when I realized my latest Etsy treasury was featured on Etsy’s front page last night. I got all kinds of great feedback on my curated selections of Avocado and Meyer Lemon inspirations. The coolest part is that it added more people to my Etsy community and boosted sales for the sellers in my list.  Here’s a peek! 

The Joy of Color

Old New Again

Heart emroidery by Lilac Saloon

Eat Your Greens tea towel by Show Pony

Verna earings by Armelle Jewelry

Rooster tea towel by Leah Duncan

Photograph by A Place for Twigs

Letterpress print by 1Canoe2

Meyer lemon oil painting by Leslie Culpepper

Damask clutch by Toon Design

Bicycle glassware by Vital

Tote bag by Bayan Hippo

Hand dyed yarn by Kashas Knits

Lemon sugar soap with avocado oil and shea butter by Dress Green


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