Chris Benz, Spring/Summer 2010

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to miss this Rachel-to-a-tee collection by Chris Benz last spring, but I am officially OBSESSED with this designer because of the RTW Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Holy moly. Beautiful colors, textures, silouettes and pretty much everything I adore all wrapped into one collection.  His spring/summer 2011 collection is a bit more subdued and sophisticated and I do ALSO love it but I need to give a proper shoutout (and formal apology for passing it by) to spring/summer 2010. Sidenote – can’t the models look happy?! This is a very cheerful collection……………..


A few of my favorites from the Chris Benz Spring/Summer 2011 collection


3 thoughts on “Chris Benz, Spring/Summer 2010

  1. I love the person he claims to designs for: “a reckless preppy who desires nothing more than to “keep dancing.” ”

    The flutteriness is GORG

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