State Hankies

Hey dudes! AP and I have been setting up our new apartment which has meant bringing together our collective pieces of furniture and buying lots of new stuff (read: bleeding money at Room and Board). Now that we have painted our entire apartment, we are in the process of hanging up photos and artwork.  This is possibly the most difficult part of decorating a new apartment with items from two households. Different colors, styles, frames, and “lenses” can be challenging – especially when you haven’t had the chance to buy mementos of travel, friends’ art work , or taken too many pics together yet.

So…. I am currently envisioning a picture wall in our long hallway as the perfect way (and the perfect space) to put up many of our pictures, posters, and artwork.  To tie all these items together, I’ve purchased vintage state handkerchiefs from retailers on Etsy and eBay and plan to frame them in shadowboxes and arrange them within the picture wall.

My mom first purchased me a California handkerchief at the Brimfield Fair last summer (counting down the days to Brimfield this May!!!!).  I was in love with this kitschy textile but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.  Ta da!  I purchased a New York, Massachusetts, and Michigan (all the places AP and I have collectively lived) and we will be able to admire them amongst our mementos and have a cohesive element on our wall.

Here are some other examples of vintage, state hankies from Etsy


4 thoughts on “State Hankies

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