BHLDN by Anthropologie

Happy Valentine’s Day!  The day has FINALLY arrived – Anthropologie has released for public consumption, BHLDN, their exclusive line of bridal apparel and accessories. This much anticipated launch has delivered a beautiful collection of original, well-priced, vintage-inspired gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories. Ooooo weeeeeee! In upcoming weeks, I will be pairing my favorite gowns with venues, stationery, florals, and other great wedding accoutrements! Here is a preview of some of my favorite gowns, dresses, and shoes from BHLDN below and view the entire collection here. 


Ribboned Silk Gowns – $1,600

Burnished Organza Gown – $1400

Pleated Fantasy Gown – $3,600

Eyelet Medley Sheathe – $1,000 


Indigo Mist Dress – $400

Filigree Cupcake Dress – $1,000

Savoy Dress – $220

Valenciennes Dress – $350


Brocade D’orsay Heels – $350

Feather Heels – $480

Shimmering Lattice Skimmers – $240

Moonlit Peep Toes – $300


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