Saipua Valentine’s Day Deal

Newsflash New Yorkers and those with loved ones in New York! If you’ve never heard of Saipua then I’m about to blow your mind and offer you a great deal. Saipua is a family-owned floral and fragrance shop located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I first was turned on to this talented shop when I learned about their half-day floral arranging workshops at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and at their studio. I’m still deciding between ranunculus and dutch masters classes……anyone want to join with me?

Sarah and her team make the most beautiful arrangements, and also design weddings and events (including friends’ Molly and Derek I just found out from the Saipua blog!). For Valentine’s Day, Saipua will send your beloved a mixed bouquet of roses and box of homemade truffles for a minuscule $75!!  Don’t miss out on this great deal, and check out their gorgeous arrangements below.

Gorgeous sunset colors

Love the teal and peach contrast

Mixed with citrus

Ranunculous in pinky tones looks great with grey

From Molly and Derek’s gorgeous Brooklyn Botanic wedding!


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