Pineapple Roundup

Happy weekend! I was originally going to use this post for Leah’s birthday, since she loves her pineapples, but was sidetracked by confetti so here it is a week later……

Most people associate this armadillo-y fruit with the land of Aloha.  However, did you know that pineapples are a universal and historical symbol of hospitality? Fact! Pineapples frequently appear as decorative element in gates, bedposts, door knockers and other household items to welcome guests. Colonial Williamsburg even has an “Order of the Pineapple” for employees who have been cited for repeated kindness to strangers.

The pineapple also carries undertones of wealth and elegance, probably because of its exoticism. When the fruit began to be cultivated in the hothouses of seventeenth-century Europe, the wealthy would use it to adorn banquet tables, and it was used by political cartoonists during the Napoleonic Wars to symbolize extravagance.

So now that you know a little background on the significance of the pineapple (I tend to just think of it as being a delicious fruit, and associate it with warm vacations, and tropical drinks), here are some pineapple design ideas that I’ve rounded up.  Mahalo!

Paint by numbers wallpaper by Jenny Wilkinson


2 thoughts on “Pineapple Roundup

  1. Ah the noble piña! I was totally shocked to find that they grow on stalks out of the ground, kind of like a palm, but much more delicious.

  2. YAY! I ♥ pineapples ever since I found out they are the symbol for Hospitality. I earned my BSBA with a major in Hospitality, and pineapples have been my “thing” ever since. Those cufflinks are a must have for my French Cuffs! (btw, I pinned just about everything on this page to Pinterest)

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