Doughnut Tour of New York

Happy rainy Monday! I have an Oscar hangover, and for some reason nothing sounds more appealing right now than stuffing my face with these glorious looking doughnuts. Perhaps I’m channeling all the glamorous red carpet walking celebs end-of-award-season break fast……

Check out this New York doughnut tour in the New York Times for more delicious pics and recommendations.

 Photo of Peter Pan donuts in Greenpoint Brooklyn


Jadeite and Red Etsy Roundup

My latest selection of jadeite and red vintage and handcrafted items from Etsy. I absolutely love this color combination …… happy almost Friday!

Vintage jadeite salt and pepper shakers

You’re Simply Radishing photograph

Vintage Fire-King jadeite bowl

Hand painted porcelain tray

Gold leaves with red crystal earings

Vintage candle sconce pair

Celedon jade beads

Felt red garlands

Jadeite cup and saucer

Damask linen pillow cover

Set of owl tea towels

Chris Benz, Spring/Summer 2010

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to miss this Rachel-to-a-tee collection by Chris Benz last spring, but I am officially OBSESSED with this designer because of the RTW Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Holy moly. Beautiful colors, textures, silouettes and pretty much everything I adore all wrapped into one collection.  His spring/summer 2011 collection is a bit more subdued and sophisticated and I do ALSO love it but I need to give a proper shoutout (and formal apology for passing it by) to spring/summer 2010. Sidenote – can’t the models look happy?! This is a very cheerful collection……………..


A few of my favorites from the Chris Benz Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Merci Beaucoup

I am a bit old fashioned and buttoned up at times – I must admit. For example, I still believe in sending a thank you card or invitation via snail mail.  I understand the convenience and also the adorable designs of Paperless Post (and will probably use it!) and other like-type companies, but am still a believer in buying and sending beautiful stationery to drop a note or thank someone for a gift. In fact, there appears to be a movement back to sending notes.

Here is a collection of carefully curated thank you notes from some of my favorite companies, in hopes of inspiring all of you to drop a note to someone special and to keep the handwritten word alive!

Rifle Paper Co. Cards

Chewing the Cud

Egg Press

Yellow Owl Workshop

Hello! Lucky

Sesame Letterpress for Cursive NYC

Red Cap Cards

Snow & Graham

Kate Spade

National Margarita Day

I clearly didn’t get the memo that today was National Margarita Day – otherwise, I would have gone gangbusters racking my brain (or knocking down Uncle Alan’s door for his famous concoction) for the best recipe or drumming up some group outing to sample different margarita varieties at my favorite local eateries. It’s not too late?

As I’ve mentioned in posts past, I am a bit of a Mex-pert on Mexican food. A California native, I am pretttty picky about what makes for an authentic meal. Fortunately, I’ve left the not so Mexillent restaurant options in Boston for greener (or verde, shall I say) pastures in New York City. And man oh man does the East Village have some great options. Here are a handful of places I’ve sampled thus far and my personal takes – other recommendations are welcomed!

Pinche Taqueria

Like the name, this place is great in a pinch (hehe… I’m on a roll with the puns today).  The chicken tacos are great, lots of spicy salsas, but not such a big fan of the guacamole.  SUPER fast delivery, and a fun spot to grab a Pacifico if you’re in the NoHo area.

Sabor a Mexico Taqueria

So it’s tough to say what I love more about this place – the fact that it’s around the corner from my apartment or the authentic Baja-style Mexican food. The tacos al pastor are VERY authentic and VERY delicious – complete with homemade tortillas and cilantro, onions and lime AND habanero salsa.  I have also sampled the burrito which brings me back to Tio Albertos in my hometown of San Luis Obispo.

Dos Toros Taqueria

West coast import, Dos Toros is great for burritos.  Period.  I’ve dabbled in tacos, and contemplated the tostada but they really shine when it comes to burritos – choice of black or pinto beans and two kinds of hot sauce!  Again, the guac is sub-par…. not my favorite. The carne asada burrito is definitely the move.

La Lucha

We just tried this East Villy gem a few nights ago when we were too lazy to venture out.  First off, the guy that took the order and the delivery guy were both delightful!  Super nice, got everything right, and incredibly fast. We tried the roasted corn which was awesome – I bet even better if you eat it there.  The guac was very heavy on the onions.  I didn’t love it but AP fancied the oniony-ness.  Great homemade chips!  We then moved on to the tacos, their specialty.  We sampled the Ciclon Ramirez (chicken with chipotle) and Dr. Wagner (Mayan style pork).  I really liked the Ciclon (AP not so much), and we loooved the Dr. Wagnar.  This is probably the most interesting take on Mexican we’ve had in the hood thus far. I have a feeling we will be frequenting.

Diablo Royale

This place has a meatpacking vibe – not gonna lie. Lots of red glass/walls and leather-studded furniture. The weight staff all seem like they should be wearing chaps, inyaknowwaddamean….. GREAT margaritas, and awesome guac!!!!!!  We also had a pre-fix birthday dinner here for Matty B last fall and did apps, fajitas, and dessert for only $30/head and everything was delicious. I would highly recommend this spot for weeknight birthday dinners.


I’m a little bit in love with this spot. Great tucked away, no sign restaurant. Cool mosaic tiled tables, fun bar, and cozy upstairs with perfect lighting. Their drinks are their specialty – lots of fun tequila bevies with leafy springs and citrus flavors. A fun place if you’re in the mood to go tapas style and try a bit of everything. The braised pork belly with papaya salsa is a MUST – as is the guac and salsa! Great date spot.


So this is the short list of a much more extensive selection of fine Mexican eateries in the hood.  Of course there’s Rosa Mexicana and Dos Caminos.  Eventhough they are a bit overdone, I still think they might have the best guac and some fine drinkies and entrees to choose from. There are also lots of places on my list to try such as Mercadito. Already plotting my next meal at one of these fine spots – now if only I can convince AP to join me!

Over the Rainbow

Too soon for another rainbow post? No way! I’m all about color lately, and here is another roundup of items that embrace all the colors of the rainbow.

Eames Hang-It-All coat rack

Abstract painting by tushtush

Felt mobile by PukaPuka

Pixel rug by Piodao Group

Origami cranes by Makikomo

Nouvel glasses via Apartment Therapy

Handspun yarn at MagnoliaHandspun

Monseiur Under the Rain print at blancucha


Wellies photo by Linda Jane Photography

Crochet bed covering via Apartment Therapy

Leather wrap bracelet by amodernphilosophy

Tuft Stool by Studio801

Carnations via Home Design with Kevin Sharkey (Marthe Stewart Living)