More Valentine’s Day Cards with Mr. Boddington’s Studio

I have two boxes in my closet bursting with stationery.  I collect the stuff – like for no good reason whatsoever except when I see something clever, or beautiful then I need to have it in my collection.  I probably have a lifetime supply of birthday cards, get well cards, baby shower cards, thank you cards – just waiting to be sent.  It may be a sickness…….

In my boxes of stationery, I have lots of cards from these New York City-based geniuses.  If you’re still in need of some cards to spread the Valentine’s Day love, Mr. Boddington’s Studio just released their VDay collection.  Obviously want them all, but especially in love with the girl scout/boy scout ditty.  And now all I can think of is how badly I need to see Troop Beverly Hills (for the millionth time), and when is it Thin Mint season already?  It’s Cookie Time, it’s Cookie time……..  all you 80’s girls feel me.

Some of my Valentine’s Day Favorites from Mr. Boddington’s










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