The Gossips

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and for following my blog!  I am still pretty green, but enjoying the creative process and energized by sharing my favorite things with everyone.  I am hoping to expand my blogging topics, so stay tuned.

As promised, this post is about my recent trip to the Berkshires and my visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass.  If you’ve never been, then you really need to take a trip to see this amazing collection of Norman Rockwell originals.  In the meantime, there’s a Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum until April to tide you over.

A little context for the NR newbies:

Normal Rockwell is most well known for his illustrative covers for The Saturday Evening Post.  Rockwell was only 22 when he painted his first cover in 1916 and over the next 47 years completed a  total of 321 covers for the publication.  The Rockwell Museum is home to every single cover of the Post that Rockwell painted as well as an impressive collection of his publication, advertising, and original works.  I was most struck by his attention to detail, and ability to capture the human spirit in a lighthearted but meaningful way.  Below are mine and Andy’s top five pieces from the museum-

My Top 5:

Hands down – the Gossips is my favorite piece in his collection.  The prints and remakes of this painting don’t do the colors or detail justice.  You MUST see this for yourself.  We were lucky enough to catch a few tidbits from a Museum tour guide about this painting.  Rockwell’s painting is like a game of telephone – illustrating how news gets passed around amongst a group of neighbors (he happened to paint actual people in his Vermont hometown).  According to the Museum, “Rockwell had the idea for it twenty years earlier but he couldn’t quite get the ending until he thought to have the subject of the gossips (posed for by Rockwell) hear the story about himself at the end of the circle”.  I love this painting because it’s so relate-able – the cast of characters and their reactions are priceless.  Pay careful attention to Rockwell’s reaction at the end…

1. The Gossips by Norman Rockwell

2. The Marriage License by Norman Rockwell

3. Little Girl Observing Lover by Norman Rockwell

4. Going and Coming by Norman Rockwell

5. School Fight by Norman Rockwell

Andy’s top 5:

1. First Signs of Spring

2: The Rookie by Norman Rockwell

3: Before the Shot by Norman Rockwell

4. Three Umpires by Norman Rockwell

5. Freedom from Fear by Norman Rockwell


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