Thirsty 30!

Tis the year of turning 30.  I feel like I’m supposed to be freaked out or feel old… but I feel pretty ok about the whole thing…. most of the time.  Minus the extra moolah I now need to shell out for highlights to cover the grays, I’m ready to gracefully bid my 20’s adieu and welcome a new digit into my age.

One of my best friends since college – Melissa – was the first to kick off the digit du jour (or d’anee, to be exact) with her aggressive November birthday.  Meliss planned a great brunch at Brooklyn fave, Flatbush Farm.  Darcy (other college bestie)  and I wanted to do something special to celebrate Meliss’ 30 years, so with the help of Melissa’s mom, friends, and our personal archives we were able to collect a slew of old photos throughout Melissa’s childhood, college, and adult life.  We assembled all these photos on a clothesline that we hung with clothespins…. and ta da…… a room filled with memories and amazing photos – especially the awkward teenage pics. Here are some photos from Melissa’s bday brunch as well as other clothesline ideas from my personal collection.

Darc adding the finishing touches at Flatbush Farm in Brooklyn

Photo by Rachel Mercier

Note the handmade “Thirsty 30” sweatshirt crafted by Darcy

Photo by Rachel Mercier

More photos

Photo by Rachel Mercier

We hung a piece of yarn using tape and clothespins – worked like a charm!

Photo by Rachel Mercier

Cranes by Snorkiesnork

Old family photos at California wedding by Cameron Ingalls

Photo by Cameron Ingalls

Route 66 postcard clothesline inspiration by Twin Lens Photography via Style Me Pretty

Wedding place cards by The Nichols via Style Me Pretty

Photo by The Nichols

Handkerchief clothesline

Photo by Natalie Moser


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