Thanksgiving 2010

This past November, I spent Thanksgiving with my family in Boston.  Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday – the entire day is spent cooking, chatting, drinking wine, listening to music, and relaxing.  Thanksgiving 2010 was no exception, and I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorite shots.  My mom gave each of us a cookbook that she made of all our family recipes last holiday season, and my sisters and I spent this year perfecting her recipes, and providing some “helpful” suggestions about how to make the book even better!  Love you, mom!  I had MUCH to be grateful for this year…… thanks to all my loves.


Stuffing the bird with apples and sage



Cooks Illustrated Apple Pie - the best!



Ross' famous mushroom, pine nut, tarragon, and port stuffing



Syd and Frida waiting for scraps to fall (ie Candy to feed them leftovers)


Sarah is the only one allowed to make the gravy. Jealous!





My pride and joy

Bon Appetit!


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