The Rainbow Connection

I am a sucker for rainbows.  Growing up, it was all about rainbows.  Rainbow Brite, rainbow birthday cake from 31 Flavors (aka Baskin Robbins), rainbow colored clothes all worn at the same time, The Rainbow Connection in the Muppet Movie.  I gather the whole 80’s rainbow obsession was our parents’ attempt at making their 70’s love child agendas kid-friendly (hold the acid).  Whatever the reason, I still need to restrain myself from purchasing every rainbow-inspired consumer product I encounter.  Fortunately, despite my Pavlovian response to rainbows (drool!!!  swoon!!!), I’ve matured enough to realize nobody likes a kitchen that looks like a rainbow threw up all over it.

Although I can’t personally own every little bit of rainbow I see, I can blog about it and share all my favorite rainbow-inspired photos and products with the world!  Enjoy!

Color wheel necklace from Yellow Owl Workshop

Rainbow Olive Oil by Antico Frantoio Muraglia (hold me back)

Fantasia flatware by MEPRA at Boston fav Lekker

NikeiD Dunks in rainbow scheme (shout out to Sarah)

Zak Confetti mixing bowls

CB2 Digi Pop bedding (droooool)

Other Inspirations and Just for Fun: Rainbow Bookshelves

Oldschool 31 Flavors Rainbow Cake

Modern Day Versions courtesy of Martha

Residential housing project in Rio de Janeiro

Colorful flags and pinwheels in Provincetown

Minigolf inspiration

My personal favorite – Kermy singing “Rainbow Connection”

A quick note: Thank you urban desiger extraordinaire and bff Kristen Hall for this addition to my rainbow post. 

From ArchDaily: “Designed by Office of Architecture in Barcelona, this urban landscape snakes along the Benidorm seascape in .  The region is a popular attraction outfitted with high rise buildings, promenades, the bars, and the water.


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